Planitoi S.A. founded in 1992, is the owner of BEPPI®, a Portuguese brand of footwear and other accessories, based in Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal.


Casual, sports and comfort footwear, backpacks, balls and other accessories.



Technical file
Brand: BEPPI® (Registered in 1992)
Address: Street 25 de Abril, n.º 164 - Zona Industrial do Roligo-Espargo, 4520-115 Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal.
Ownership: Planitoi - Importação e Exportação, S.A.
Activity Sector
Footwear and accessories trade.

Casual, sports and comfort footwear, backpacks, balls and other accessories.

Intervention Markets:
Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

Brand History
Since the beginning of its history, Planitoi S.A. has been concerned with building bases that allow the company to serve the entire family: babies, children, teenagers, women and men, offering everyone the same relaxed and youthful attitude, reflected in the footwear lines produced.
With clear goals, the company aims to offer a range of models with an attractive design, maximum comfort, high quality materials and durability, at a fair price.
Currently, at Its headquarters, it is possible to pay a visit to its showroom, where you can find all the brand’s collections, both permanent and seasonal.

By investing in a targeted communication strategy, the company has two distinct audiences: Distributors and costumers.
For distributors, Planitoi S.A. presents the collections in good time and provide merchandising that will support the promotion of the products at the sale point. The company also shares with them the brand’s communication plan. At the same time, pays careful attention to the product’s packaging and presentation media, so they comply with the brand’s visual codes and identity.
For the consumer, the company plans advertising actions through digital media, aimed at increasing brand awareness. All communications are inspired by moments in everyday life, directly linked to the brand’s positioning.

Mission, vision and values
- Mission
To endeavour to be a leader in the market segment in which the company operates, with the aim of presenting shoes and accessories with a youthful and relaxed profile, at an excellent price-quality ratio.

- View
To be among the main brands in the market in which the company operates, endeavouring, in every moment, to strengthen brand awareness.

- Values
Planitoi S.A. endeavours to be attentive and close to its costumers’ needs. It respects their commercial interests and, therefore, looks forward for presenting lines of footwear and accessories with a fair price-quality ratio.

At BEPPI®, we dedicate ourselves exclusively to the creation and development of footwear and accessories, with the aim of offering our customers up-to-date, innovative and exclusive products. To do such, we work hard to find the best raw materials, breathable linings and insoles, or other materials, prioritising quality so that we can offer our customers the best service. At the same time, in every new collection we put efforts to present shoes in different colours, sizes and styles, meeting the need for variety.

Do you know
One of the rules that governed the creation of the brand’s name, was that it couldn’t have more than two syllables. So, the first was BE, for Beatriz, and the second was Pi, for Pisco, the name and surname, respectively, of the wives of the two partners at the time, adding another “P” as a fantasy effect, thus becoming the final brand: BEPPI®.

What makes Beppi so different
BEPPI is joy, informality, relaxation, quality and youthfulness, setting it apart from other brands on the market.
At the same time, it has a global attitude, which emphasises a constant evolution and adaptation to the needs and trends of the global market, seeking to adjust to the essential characteristics of consumers.


Set up on 26 April 1981 by the then partners Francisco Rui Alves Subidé and Eduardo Marques Alfredo, it was then known as Planitoi – Jogos e brinquedos, Lda, and its business object was toys.

In 1983, the partner Eduardo Marques Alfredo fully ceded his quota, and Francisco Rui Alves Subidé ceded part of his, with the company now consisting of the partners Francisco Rui Alves Subidé, Fernando dos Santos and Jorge Luís Soares Maia, each with a 1/3 stake.

In 1993, partner Francisco Rui Alves Subidé ceded his share, leaving managing partner Jorge Maia with 60 per cent, being the remaining 40 per cent distributed among his family members, wife and three children, each with 10 per cent of the capital.

In 1994, the project of casual and casual sportive footwear was launched. Following this moment, an application was sent to register the BEPPI trademark, which was granted by INPI, under the number 301041.

In 1997, the company changes its name from Planitoi – Jogos e Brinquedos, Lda, to Planitoi – Importação e Exportação, lda.

Community registration for the BEPPI trademark was applied on 13 August 1999 and granted on 5 June 2000 with certificate no. 001278514.

As a Portuguese company, Planitoi S.A. leads the domestic market with its BEPPI brand products. At the same time, it is looking to expand its exports, with the Spanish market being the most important, but it has also had good transactions in countries such as France, Italy and, more recently, the South American Continent, among others.

Currently, in addition to the BEPPI brand, Planitoi S.A. uses other own brands that derive from “BEPPI”, which also give their name to footwear lines, such as: “Way by BEPPI”, BEPPI Kid’s, “SNAKERS By BEPPI and Moonlight.

Quality, Environment and Security Policy

Quality has been a fundamental value for Planitoi S.A. affirmation in the market, and the consequent development of shoes and accessories trading. It has revealed itself not only in important and known aspects, such as customer satisfaction, but also in the attitude towards the environment and safety.

Thus, Planitoi S.A. is committed to the following principles:
1. Customer satisfaction in terms of:
1.1. Product quality;
1.2. Trust in the brand;

2. Promote the awareness, participation and responsibility of all employees in matters of Quality, Environment and Safety;

3. To carry out it’s activity in compliance with the obligations and legal requirements, in terms of product, environment, and occupational health and safety.

4. To work towards continuous improvements in quality, environment and safety, focusing on environmental protection, including the prevention of pollution, safe work (eliminating hazards and reducing risks), injuries and damage to health, always having in mind continuous improvements and the requirements of all interested parts;

5. Maintain a balanced economic and financial situation, so as not to disappoint the expectations expressed in the previous paragraphs;

6. Promote respect for all natural resources;

7. To actively and continuously improve environmental performance to the satisfaction of clients and stakeholders. This policy is published internally and to interested stakeholders, using the means provided in PQAS 01. In order to ensure the above-mentioned principles, the administration set and maintain internally a set of aims and goals. These are monitored on an ongoing basis by the Administration, together with DQAS and other stakeholders, as described in PM 06.

The Administration,
Santa Maria da Feira, February 6, 2023


The Ambit of the QAS system is: Design, Development and Trade of Footwear and Accessories.


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