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Planitoi uses its own duly registered brand “BEPPI” “WAY by Beppi “ “ Beppi Kid´s on the products it markets.


Leisure, sports and comfort footwear, textiles, balls and other accessories.



Technical data
Brand: Beppi (Recorded in 1992)
Address: Zona Industrial do Roligo-Espargo, apartado 158 4524-909 Santa Maria da Feira.
Property: Planitoi – Importação e Exportação, S.A.

Sector of activity
Commerce of Footwear and Accessories.

Leisure, sports and comfort footwear, textiles, balls and other accessories.

Markets of Intervention
Europa, Africa, Medium Have guided, Asia and South America.

Brand History
It was in the year of 1992 that mark BEPPI was born, being property of the company Planitoi S.A.
The great objective of the mark was, since the begiiing, to reach transversally the society, serving all the family (of the child to the young, of the adult to the aged one, the radical to the conservative), in any situation of day-by-day, a relaxed and happy attitude. Through studies market technician, she is recognized the notoriety of the Beppi in all segments, even so with more incidence in the etária band of the 15 to the 24 years. Today the mark is present in 22 countries of some continents, with bigger relevance in Portugal, Spain and France.

Beppi as the one strategy of communication directionally for 2 distinct public - deliverers and final customer - promoting shares tactics that create a share of "push and pull". For the deliverers, it presents the previous collections and it supplies material of merchandising, promotion of the products in the point of sell; also giving to know the communication plan advertising executive, who will follow the peaks of sell next to the final customer.
In simultaneous, the packing and supports of presentation of the product obey the criterions priciples of identification with the visual codes of the mark.
For the final customer, BEPPI prepares communication shares advertising executive in mass measured, aiming all the creation of one strong notoriety for the mark, seats at quotidian moments of life and in tune with the positioning of the mark.

Mission and Values
PLANITOI S.A, proprietor of mark BEPPI, as modern company who always it intended to be, it made all the efforts in the direction to occupy a position of prominence in all the areas and from there the certificates that exihibit in the areas of the quality, environment, security and social responsability, that is ISO-9001 - NP4397 - ISO 14001 and SA8000.

Inovation and Diferentation
BEPPI offers a gamma of products, seats in vectors of joviality and welfare.
Search to find the best partners, to offer to its customer the ideal relation between quality, fashion and price, focus itself for the necessities of the final customer in these 3 sectors.
BEPPI develops its efforts to be leader in its segment in the markets where it operates.


Incorporated on 26 April 1981, by the then partners Francisco Rui Alves Subidé and Eduardo Marques Alfredo, under the name Planitoi – Jogos e Brinquedos, Lda, its initial purpose was to trade in toys.

In 1983 the partner Eduardo Marques Alfredo assigned the entirety of his share and Francisco Rui Alves Subidé assigned part of his share. The company partners were now Francisco Rui Alves Subidé, Fernando dos Santos and Jorge Luís Soares Maia, each with a 1/3 share.

In 1993 the partner Francisco Rui Alves Subidé assigned his share, and the managing partner Jorge Maia now held 60%, the remaining 40% distributed among his relatives, his wife and 3 children each holding 10% of the capital.

In 1994, with the company now controlled by the Maia family, a new sports, leisure and comfort footwear project was launched. An application was then made to register the BEPPI brand, this being granted by the INPI under No. 301041.

In 1997 Planitoi became a Limited Company under the name Planitoi - Importação e Exportação, S.A.

That year, the company main strategy focused on launching the project of dissemination of the BEPPI brand image, its considerable investment in the media, points of sale and sales support being considered a bold approach in its sector. To date the company has continued and even considerably increased these investments both in Portugal and in Spain.

On 13 August 1999 an application was made for European registration of our BEPPI brand, which was granted on 5 June 2000, with the Certificate No. 001278514.

As a Portuguese company, Planitoi is a leader in the country in this market segment with its BEPPI brand products. At the same time it has gradually increased exports, particularly to the Spanish market, although it has also reported successful business with France, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Poland, Russia, Germany and many other countries around the World.

Planitoi is firmly committed to differentiation and its strategy is aimed at Quality, Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction, with systematic monitoring of its customers' needs, seeking to offer an end product with an above average price - quality ratio, thus respecting its customers' commercial interests.

Description of its main products and services:

PLANITOI sells the following products:
Leisure, sports and comfort footwear, textiles, balls and other accessories.
Planitoi uses its own duly registered brand “BEPPI” “WAY by Beppi “ “ Beppi Kid´s on the products it markets.

Within each family of products, Planitoi offers its customers a wide range of duly identified models, differentiated by their colors, sizes, etc., and covering all age ranges.

Quality, Environment and Security Policy

Quality has been a fundamental value for the success of Planitoi in its sector and in the community in general. This is revealed not only in important and well-known aspects such as customer satisfaction, but also in its attitude towards the environment and safety. With our example of implementation of an integrated system we hope to raise awareness of the need for trading companies to also commit themselves to environmental protection and to the safety of their employees.

Thus, Planitoi is committed to the following principles:

1. Customer satisfaction in terms of:

1.1. Product quality;
1.2. Confidence in the BEPPI brand;

2. Promote the awareness, participation and accountability of all employees with regard to Quality, the Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility;

3. Operate in compliance with the provisions of legislation and other regulations applicable to the product and to environmental issues and occupational safety and health;

4. Work so as to constantly achieve improvements in terms of Quality, the Environment, Safety and Social Responsibility, with a commitment to pollution prevention, to safe work (prevention of injury and damage to health / continuous improvement of working conditions) and taking account of the interests of stakeholders;

5. Maintain a balanced economic and financial situation in order not to fail the expectations expressed in the previous subparagraphs;

6. Promote respect for all natural resources;

7. Improve, actively and continuously, conditions for a clean environment, for the satisfaction of customers and of product users, of its employees and of the communities in which it operates.

This policy is made known to all employees and to the general public, through the means provided for in PQASRS 01.
In order to guarantee the principles referred to above, the Directors define and maintain an internal set of objectives and targets. These are permanently monitored (and reviewed where necessary) by the Directors in conjunction with the DQASRS and others involved, as described in MP 06.

The Administration,

Santa Maria da Feira, March 31, 2017


The Ambit of the QAS system is: Design, Development and Trade of Footwear and Accessories.


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